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At URSA VISA CONSULTING we know that many people are not informed regarding the immigration regulations and may, therefore, live in South Africa illegally. Many others fall victim to scams by illegal visa and permit companies. We are here to assist and guide you to apply and receive the correct legal documents for your specific visa.

South African Visa

Study Visa

To apply for a study visa, you have to correctly complete the following documents as required by The Department of Home Affairs of South Africa:

1. Proof of successful application to a recognised institution (school, university or college, etc.)

2. Proof that you are able to pay the school fees during the time of your studies

In order for us to assist with your visa application, we want to fully understand your unique situation and help you to require the correct documentation to start your application.

South African Work Visa

Work Visa

To apply for a work visa, you will need to have an offer of employment by a prospective employer. An offer can only be made to a foreigner after such employer has unsuccessfully exploited the local labour market in attempting to procure the needed skills, experiences or qualifications.

South African Visa Cost

Retirement Visa

To apply for this visa, you need to have proof of the funds that will be used during your

retirement years.These funds need to be able to cover all your needs throughout your retirement years.

South African Visas

Medical Treatment Visa

You will need to have a recommendation letter from a registered medical practitioner. Medical visas issued are limited to six months after which it can be renewed.

South African Immigration

Business Visa

This visa may be issued to a foreigner who intends to establish his or her own business or invest in an existing business. A minimum ofR5 million must be provided into such business.

South African Immigration

Relatives Visa

This visa may be issued for a maximum of two years to a foreigner who is a member of the immediate family of a citizen.

South African Immigration
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Other Visas We Can Assist With

Temporary Visa

Critical Skills Visa

Treaty Visa

Visitors Visa


Please note that URSA VISA CONSULTING does not determine or take responsibility for the outcome of your application. The final outcome will be determined by the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa.

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